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Overcast Innovations

Identifying the problem

How do you build for lifelong flexibility?

Overcast Innovations helps building owners future proof their spaces with our modular ceiling appliances. Clouds can be moved, reused and updated over time, allowing for long term flexibility and saving cost and time on future renovations.

The Solution

Rethinking the possibilities

Transformational change requires bold action. We must tackle the construction industry’s affordability crisis by innovating waste out of design, construction and the supply chain, dramatically cutting costs through productivity. This is where Overcast comes in. By designing our Clouds with all ceiling systems in mind, we enable performance certainty. Our manufactured approach and the consolidated nature of the Clouds drives jobsite efficiency. And the modularity of our Clouds drives waste out of the built environment.

The Approach

From sketch to perfection

As a descendent of the full service MEPF firm, McKinstry Company, innovation is in our DNA. Our mission was put in motion with a napkin sketch, then a balsa wood model, then a 10-ft by 7-ft, 800-pound metal mockup with integrated infrastructure. On our way to a new kind of architectural ceiling appliance, we modeled and tested different configurations to develop a viable option for connecting a dozen or more systems, all along the way validating the approach with the best design and construction brains in the industry.

Then we started challenging ourselves:

  • How light can we make it?
  • How configurable can we make it?
  • How can we accommodate the widest range of style choices?

The final manifestation of our design is an integrated ceiling appliance and multi-trade utility raceway system manufactured to your specifications, capable of connecting a dozen or more building systems, that results in cost savings, risk reduction, performance certainty, and significant operational and building system benefits.

“Overcast’s innovative and flexible Cloud systems were essential in hitting the zero carbon, zero energy, zero cost premium of the Catalyst building by reducing waste, installation time and labor costs. Plus, they look fantastic and have become a focal point for building occupants.”

Allie Teplicky

Emerald Initiative Real Estate Development Manager

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