What We Do

Clouds & Splines

The future of integrated building solutions.

Your vision is our priority.

Cloud systems are designed, manufactured and delivered to your specifications. We integrate into your project team to understand your vision and start with the end in mind. From there, we engineer and manufacture Cloud systems that connect a dozen or more building systems/technologies into plug-and-play appliances.

The Cloud

Smarter buildings through integrated, elegant and highly configurable appliance.

  • HVAC equipment and controls
  • LED lighting and controls
  • Smart building sensors and controls
  • Integrated AV and data connectivity
  • Indoor air quality and temperature sensors
  • Fire and life safety systems
  • Acoustic attenuation

The Spline

Streamlined above-ceiling system delivery through plug-and-play raceways.

  • HVAC ductwork
  • VRF refrigerant piping
  • Electrical conduit/wiring
  • Plumbing (PEX or copper)
  • Structured/IT cabling
  • Medical gas systems

Meet your goals with one powerful solution.

Plan and organize your ceiling infrastructure early in the design process. Cloud and Spline system offers 100+ configurations with unique finish options to compliment building aesthetics.

  • Enable open-to-structure environments without sacrificing design or performance
  • Integrate mechanical and technology systems on the shared Cloud platform
  • Consolidate ductwork, wiring and piping within the Spline
  • Reduce materials, logistics coordination and onsite work
  • Procure devices through a more efficient supply chain

Future proof your building.

Discover the flexibility of a reconfigurable system.

  • Install and upgrade appliances without ceiling reconstruction
  • Meet tenant needs with custom functions
  • Easily install and upgrade devices

Deliver faster, better, less expensive.

Clouds look good and deliver a host of other installation and operational benefits.

  • Experience seamless integration into your building’s control system
  • Decongest your jobsite by installing multiple ceiling systems in one appliance
  • Reduce costs by streamlining device install

Raise the bar on environmental responsibility.

Meet sustainability and carbon-reduction goals on multiple fronts.

  • Compatible with high-efficiency mechanical & electrical systems
  • Reduced installation manpower and vehicular carbon
  • Reduced waste with easily reconfigured Clouds
  • LBC Red List free options available

Ready to get inspired?

Explore our project gallery to see Cloud and Spline systems in action.