Indoor Environmental Quality

Designing for Occupants


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Creating spaces designed to optimize occupant health and satisfaction is key to Overcast Innovations and the technologies we create. Our Cloud and MGP products are driven by Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), the conditions of the environment that affects occupants and end-users, and how we ensure  IEQ maintains optimal without losing the carefully designed aesthetics that owners and architects strive to achieve.

Partnership Built from Shared Values

Overcast Innovations (Overcast) and Armstrong World Industries (Armstrong) have partnered to design and deliver building spaces centered on the occupant’s well-being through the application of intelligent, integrated and sustainable ceiling solutions focused on maximizing Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ).

IEQ consists of several key factors: air, sound, light, temperature, and more.  Making sure we have healthy air, impactful acoustics, sufficient lighting and thermal comfort is essential to health and well-being in spaces where we live, work, learn, heal and play.

Connected by a mutual drive to create healthy, user-oriented spaces, Armstrong and Overcast saw the potential of bringing together Armstrong’s ceiling systems and industry expertise with Overcast’s groundbreaking intelligent and integrated Cloud ceiling solutions.

Together, Armstrong and Overcast are advancing the built environment, offering clients the ability to integrate modern ceiling system technology while maintaining design aesthetics and promoting a healthy environment. The successful partnership highlights the continued growth and change in the construction and design industry, focusing on health, safety, sustainability and resiliency.


Prioritizing Wellness in Every Industry
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Improving Air Quality

Proper air quality and ventilation is key for healthy spaces, ensuring clean breathing for occupants. Quality ventilation systems help keep air clear of high levels of moisture, dust and other air pollutants that can negatively affect breathing, aiding facility users, particularly those with lung-related illnesses.

Lighting Designed with Care

When strategic lighting choices are made, students and employees can feel more energized and aware. Additionally, proper lighting can stabilize circadian rhythm, reduce depression and increase cognitive performance, making for a healing atmosphere.

Sound for Your Environment

Sound and acoustic awareness aid in better comfort and productivity, as well as creating welcoming environments for those with sound-sensitivities. By choosing the right acoustic options, spaces are easier to communicate within and can become calming for those needing certain noise levels to thrive.

Temperature Chosen for Comfort

Comfort is essential for enjoying the space you’re in and remaining productive and happy. Maintaining thermal comfort in your spaces can help keep accurate temperature and increase employee comfort and focus.