What We Do

The future of integrated building solutions.

New approaches for a better built environment.

Stagnation is the enemy of innovation. It spreads inefficiency, waste and an irrational reliance on a status quo that is no longer enough. Transformational change is what we do.

We are focused on engineering new approaches for a better built environment. For us, that starts with a Cloud.

Clouds & Splines

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Features & Functions

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Design Process

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Build Process

Experience how our manufacturing approach drives efficiency.
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Drive out inefficiency and waste.

Overcast Innovations attacks inefficiency and waste at every stage of the building design, construction and operations lifecycle. We are focused on dramatically cutting costs through improved productivity.

Build lifelong flexibility.

We help building owners future proof their buildings. Our Cloud systems deliver flexibility by consolidating building systems (mechanical, electrical, fire protection, technology, etc.) into modular, manufactured, plug-and-play appliances that can be moved, reused and updated over time.

Reduce costs, time and frustration.

Clouds are modular, manufactured offsite and delivered in a plug-and-play system that reduce costs, save time, minimize coordination headaches and improve quality. We show up just-in-time for installation with a detailed installation plan that reduces field time coordination, schedule risk and waste.

A circular image of a specifically designed Cloud system in a common area with seating options.

Transform design and construction.

Clouds represent the future of integrated building solutions. All mechanical, electrical and technology systems are integrated into a single plug-and-play appliance.