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We are Proud to Introduce Cloud V2


Introducing Cloud V2

Overcast Innovations is always looking to improve and expand our product lineup with innovative solutions to solve real issues within the built environment. We are proud to introduce Cloud V2, which contains many improved features, including:

  • Twice the number of sizes:
      • V1:  1 option, 4×4, 6×6, 6×8
      • V2:  6 options, 4×4, 4x6T, 4x6L, 6×6, 6x8T, 6x8L
  • Added option to combine multiple Clouds into a group in the field for a more unified aesthetic.
  • More finish options, including metal panel, wood slats, microperforated wood and fabric/felt.
  • Double the acoustic performance, current NRC at 0.94 and we are working hard to improve it.
  • Streamlined design with a ‘Tech Lane’ for myriad building systems and devices.
  • Modular panel design to enable change over time with one-person panel removal and installation that delivers:
      • Improved access for maintenance.
      • Simplified process to replace a piece of hardware. Overcast can mail a new panel kit to a client that desires a hardware change.
  • Streamlined, low-profile light fixture design with improved photometrics.
  • Added mechanical options that now include diffusers, chilled beams and VRF options.
  • More robust system with improved quality and reduced field corrections.
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