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A Manufacturing Mindset


Rising inflation, global supply chain issues and the acute shortage of skilled tradespeople have combined to reignite interest in Industrialized Construction.

Traditionally, construction materials and specified equipment are transported to a construction site where they are assembled in a specific order. Though prefabrication has become more common in construction in the last few years, a manufactured mindset is better when it comes to quality and schedule savings. Overcast takes this off-site concept to another level by assembling every piece of technology that one would find in the ceiling of any commercial structure into the Overcast Cloud. Overcast Clouds are Integrated Ceiling Assemblies that function as design elements that aggregate technology and are manufactured in a factory environment.  The on-site Trades such as Electrical and Mechanical still do their work on their respective systems, but they no longer have to mount ceiling-based technology devices.

Our off-site manufacturing approach guarantees safety and quality that benefits the installation of devices and equipment. By adopting a manufactured mindset, the manufacturing and installation process offers more control over safety. The use of precision manufacturing tools and a controlled environment enhances the quality of components, reduces waste, dust, debris, and limits product exposure to environmental factors during installation. In healthcare settings, for example, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is crucial for staff and patient safety, and recovery rates. Overcast takes advantage of this predictability by manufacturing our Clouds in a controlled environment, ensuring effective safety measures. This modular construction approach reduces on-site activities, thereby enhancing safety.

Overcast provides configurable assemblies that are the result of the full MEP Design process (including Clash).  By providing a myriad of Cloud options, we can take advantage of standardized parts and manufacturing. This standardization makes construction less expensive and more predictable. A manufactured product is not only unaffected by supply chain delays but is installed at the exact time the General Contractor requests it which results in a less congested work site.  Being a manufacturer, Overcast forms relationships with OEM providers of the various devices integrated into the ceiling assemblies which allows for bulk buys and parts inventories.  Additionally, Overcast Clouds can be easily modified afterwards as space needs change and grow.

The Construction Industry has been beset by spiraling costs due to supply chain issues and a shortage of skilled labor.  Such challenges are not going to abate.  Using industrialized construction to help ease the crunch created by these challenges makes good sense while simultaneously improving the quality of the installation.  The property owner and property manager also benefit from the standpoint of carefully considered O&M enhancements that allow for ease of access to devices for repair and/or replacement over time.

The time to push into utilizing Industrialized Construction as the default way to build is now. Overcast is proud to be in the vanguard of the move towards a manufacturing mindset.

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