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How Manufactured Ceiling Solutions Keep Ceiling Aesthetics Clean


Over the last decade, the building construction and design industry has consistently seen buildings getting smarter because of the proliferation of technologies that make them so. These technologies create spaces that allow end-users more energy efficiency and comfort, but their proliferation poses challenges to interior design.  For many architects, finding ways to incorporate new building technologies without unduly compromising design intent has become an ongoing battle, particularly in areas such as ceilings where traditional MEP systems exist.

In an article written for ArchDaily, Functionality and Aesthetics: Examples of Ceiling Systems in Architectural Projects, author Giovana Martino highlights the importance of ceiling design for architects stating “ceilings are fundamental elements that mediate the connection between the building and people and can provide spaces with environmental and acoustic comfort, as well as aesthetic qualities, such as color, textures, and materials”.  It is this same belief that led the Overcast Innovations team to create our Cloud products with a goal of providing all the technologies necessary for a comfortable and healthy space, without taking away from the design created by skilled AEC teams.

How Design is Affected by System Choice

Every design, whether for new construction or tenant improvement, is carefully crafted around the wants and needs of the owners, but also around the system requirements to meet these needs. For most ceiling spaces, mechanical, electrical, and many other systems and equipment must be considered as those are traditionally located within full-width ceiling grids. When considering open-to-structure spaces, these systems impede on design on a far greater level.  As Mass Timber structures grow in popularity, this has become more and more evident.  Nowadays form and function need to co-exist as never before.

How Overcast Clouds Solve Aesthetic Problems

The Overcast plug-and-play Cloud ceiling system was designed to be an answer to the question posed above: How can we maintain the design intent of the architect without impeding function? By providing platforms on which these technologies sit that is both designed with aesthetics in mind and configurable such as the Overcast Cloud and Modular Grid Platform (MGP).

By starting early in the design process to integrate the versatile Overcast products into the overall project, the Design Team can expect a higher quality installation while providing the General Contractor the opportunity to drive significant schedule savings.

The proliferation of technology in the ceiling will continue and give impetus to ways to change how we procure and install this technology.  At Overcast Innovations, we believe in embracing this proliferation but more successfully aligning it with the overall design intent of the project.  We encourage Owners, Architects and General Contractors to reach out to us to incorporate our approach to this issue and, thereby, deliver a better project.