Overcast Insights
Nurturing a Greater Future through Cloud Solutions


Overcast Clouds provide an opportunity to bring the Construction Industry more in line with waste reduction and environmental quality goals. One apparent benefit that Clouds offer is the ability to install a system containing all necessary ceiling-mounted building technology components without having to remove or alter the ceiling.

There are additional benefits for using Overcast that are relevant not only to ecological aspects but also for the well-being of occupants.

First off, our Declare Label signals that Overcast Clouds are built with sustainability, occupants and owners in mind.  The Declare Label is designed to promote transparency and sustainability in the construction industry by allowing stakeholders to assess the ecological and health attributes of building materials. Clouds are LBC Red List Approved by the International Living Future Institute’s Declare Label meaning that all base materials used in Cloud manufacturing are safe for people and the environment.  Additionally, our Cloud life expectancy is 75 years and is 99.997% recyclable meaning that expired Clouds can be re-used to supplement the supply chain rather than causing more waste.

Overcast’s manufacturing mindset focuses on resource efficiency which translates to reduced waste and cost. Sourcing materials and specialized union labor at our facility rather than locally at each job location reduces overall waste, energy use and emissions related to material transport. Our reduced resource consumption approach ensures that each Cloud’s carbon footprint is minimized from design to installation.

Adaptive reuse is also a key benefit for using Overcast.  Adaptive reuse constitutes a key part of circular economy in construction because of the industry’s efforts to decarbonize.  Eliminate demo waste, reduce permitting time and get faster occupancy by specifying Overcast Clouds.  Whether a new build or a renovation, Overcast decarbonizes your construction process thus helping you to achieve both financial and environment goals.

The Catalyst building in Spokane, WA is a good example of decarbonization.  At the time it was commissioned, Catalyst was the largest zero carbon, zero energy building which Overcast helped make possible. Overcast Cloud components minimized the Catalyst buildings carbon footprint by maximizing site resources by aggregating building technology devices in our factory instead of at the site.

Overcast Innovations actively addresses inefficiency and waste throughout the entire life cycle of building design, construction, and operations. We have a vision for continuous, significant improvements that generate fresh possibilities to provide greater value to both our clients and the broader community.