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Overcast Innovations Launches Modular Grid Platform for Wall-to-Wall Ceiling Grids


Overcast’s new Modular Grid Platform integrates seamlessly into wall-to-wall ceiling grid systems, creating new opportunities for driving efficiency and environmental quality in indoor spaces.

January 29, 2024

SEATTLE – Overcast Innovations, a McKinstry and Armstrong World Industries venture, is excited to announce the official launch of its newest modular and integrated ceiling solution: the Modular Grid Platform. The latest product innovation by Overcast, the Modular Grid Platform (MGP) provides an innovative yet pragmatic approach to organizing and consolidating the numerous mechanical and electrical building systems and technology devices found in the ceiling plane into manufactured assemblies driving cost and installation efficiencies while maintaining function and preserving design intent.

As part of Overcast’s recent strategic partnership with Armstrong World Industries (AWI), the MGP product line is designed to fit 15/16” and 9/16” ceiling grid types.

“This new assembly provides a seamless ceiling solution for building owners and architects who are interested in better organizing and consolidating the array of ceiling systems and technologies for wall-to-wall ceiling applications,” said Robb Andrade, Managing Director for Overcast. “We wanted to have a solution for open-to-structure and wall-to-wall ceiling situations, the MGP product solution delivers on that market need and opportunity”.

The MGP drives efficiency in the ceiling design, organization and installation process associated with the array of 15 or more mechanical and electrical building systems and technology typically found in the ceiling space. Similarly to Overcast’s “Open to Structure” Cloud ceiling assembly, the MGP is manufactured offsite at Overcast’s factory by union employees, guaranteeing a safe and quality construction, delivered to the job site as a finished good ready to be installed, exactly when the schedule requires. This methodology creates a more organized, expedited and efficient solution removing inefficiency and waste from the construction process. Overcast assemblies are designed, manufactured and delivered to the specifications needed for each client and project, making them the optimal ceiling solution for any environment, including those with specific environmental requirements such as hospitals and labs. This new option highlights the growing interest and need for innovative construction technology solutions in the built environment which companies like Overcast Innovations are looking to achieve.

To learn more about Overcast Innovations and their ceiling solutions, please visit www.overcastinnovations.com.

About Overcast Innovations

Overcast Innovations is a McKinstry and Armstrong World Industries-owned subsidiary that liberates construction projects from productivity traps and systemic waste. Overcast’s products eliminate siloed design and installation practices, improve onsite field coordination and lower labor costs while enhancing overall aesthetic and operational quality. Clouds integrate mechanical HVAC, lighting, audiovisual, sensors, distributed antenna systems, smoke detectors and other above-ceiling equipment into factory-manufactured, plug-and-play architectural assemblies.