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The Modular Grid Platform: Bringing Technology, Style, and Simplicity to Suspended Ceilings




At Overcast Innovations, our team of innovators and industry experts are constantly looking to create and implement the best technology to move the built environment into the future. We started our journey by creating the Cloud for open-to-structure ceiling applications, addressing the need for a configurable assembly that integrates building systems and technology while enhancing the architectural design. With this established approach and mission, Overcast has utilized our newfound partnership with Armstrong World Industries to introduce our next solution, the Modular Grid Platform (MGP), for wall-to-wall ceiling grid applications.

When designing ceilings for spaces accommodating complex building systems, understanding the many nuances and needs of the facility is critical. For example, the electrical, mechanical, acoustic, and building technology needs vary significantly between commercial office, medical spaces, laboratory, and classroom environments. It’s a significant challenge to design solutions that integrate the necessary systems, are simple and efficient to install, and preserve the aesthetic intent of the designer.

To meet this challenge, the MGP takes the innovative modular, configurable design and prefabricated manufacturing approach of our Cloud product and delivers those features in a platform tailored for wall-to-wall ceiling grid systems. The MGP pulls forward system and technology integration design considerations, reducing costly and time-consuming conflicts and surprises during installation – all while preserving the architectural intent of the design team. The modular and prefabricated manufacturing approach also prevents trade stacking at the jobsite, improving installation safety and efficiency. Additionally, the MGP is made with the same union labor quality and best practices as the standard Cloud assembly, guaranteeing safe construction and delivery and installation tailored to the exact needs of a project schedule. These choices are requirements by our team so that no one must sacrifice their vision.

The opportunity for change and improvement is massive within the built environment and construction industry. For us at Overcast Innovations, our priority is creating more efficient, less wasteful buildings and construction methodologies through innovative products that holistically address customer needs and wants throughout the project lifecycle. Our team of professionals are ready to continue the conversation and answer your questions to see if the MGP is right for your facilities and how we can drive your facilities to future success.