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Robb Andrade Joins Overcast Team


Robb Andrade

Robb Andrade Named Managing Director

Overcast Innovations strives to create buildings that are intelligent, sustainable and affordable by bringing the future of integrated building solutions to market.  By creating state-of-the-art building technologies with a focus on manufacturing and installation, we are driving out waste, inefficiency and inequity by reducing costs, time, and environmental impact.

With over 1 million square feet of project installations across the country, we have proven time and again that our systems are not only beneficial but needed in the process of significant change. Overcast clients have benefited from shorter project schedules and an average 20% cost reduction on projects, motivating them to select Overcast Cloud and Spline solutions every time.

As Overcast Innovations’ growth continues alongside our Version 2.0 Cloud systems, so does our need for additional experienced, future thinking leaders. We are excited to announce the addition of Robb Andrade to the Overcast team as Managing Director to help continue our future-focused thinking and drive.

“With the addition of Robb to Overcast Innovations, we are excited to see the future unfold to amplify and accelerate our growth,” said Matt Wegworth, Vice President at McKinstry, Overcast Innovations’ parent company. “His experience with building systems brings a unique perspective that we are excited to embrace.”

Robb brings over two decades of experience in the construction industry providing insight and direction to clients for systems, services, and innovative building technologies. Through his time working in both the vendor-side of HVAC and previous building technologies firms, Robb provides a different view that collides every user of innovative systems together, allowing Overcast to see through the eyes of a variety of clients.

With this experience and deep knowledge base from working in both U.S. and international markets, Robb will focus on orchestrating Overcast Innovations’ growth as a company and thought leader delivering the future of integrated building solutions and technology. With inventive drive and a manufacturing mindset, he is an exciting addition to the Overcast Innovations team and will help steer our company, products and projects into a transformative future that benefits all.

“Joining Overcast Innovations is incredibly exciting,” said Andrade, “we’re creating building systems that can really change the future of the construction industry and driving that can only guarantee great things to come.”

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