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Overcast Innovations Announces Ceiling Service Panel


Expanding Cloud Capabilities

As a driving force in innovative building technologies, Overcast Innovations is dedicated to pushing the construction industry into the future by eliminating waste from the construction process.

Within the last five years, the life sciences industry has seen record-breaking interest, growth, and funding. With this growth comes the responsibility of developing the best possible systems to create safe, state-of-the-art spaces to enable the research that saves lives every day. With this motivation, we are excited to announce the creation of the newest Cloud system component, the Ceiling Service Panel.

As the newest addition to the Overcast Innovations line of products, the Ceiling Service Panel keeps life science and healthcare spaces organized, clean, simple to use, and easy to change over time. Through careful design and input from industry experts, the panel is designed as a stand-alone or Overcast Cloud-compatible product, seamlessly integrating with the environment around them.

“The work being performed by these companies is so important,” said Jay Martin, Director of Engineering, “the health and well-being of our communities have to be pushed forward by everyone, and the Ceiling Service Panel is our contribution to that effort”.  

Installed directly above designated work areas, the Ceiling Service Panel offers specialized gas, power, and data hookups commonly utilized by life science and healthcare-related labs to help streamline the lab space and reduce the likelihood of clutter and cross-contamination during common lab practices. With the addition of this system, life science and healthcare facilities will reap the benefit of innovating their facilities and allowing their facility team members to worry less about the availability of the vital services the panels provide.

Continuing with the modular design of our Cloud systems, the Ceiling Service Panel will allow for a clean, organized design with the option to include our larger Cloud system services including mechanical, electrical, and fire protection-related inclusions.

“It is so key for life science facilities to be able to build and update their spaces quickly and effectively,” said John King, Senior Business Development Director at McKinstry, “these panels put a lot of flexibility into the design of these critical spaces.”

Overcast Innovations continues to raise the ceiling on innovative systems and practices in the construction industry, pushing for healthy and connected environments that fight the crises that affect the construction industry and communities around it.

Ceiling Service Panel in life sciences facility; rendering by 3DUS